Cognitively healthy elderly


350 cognitively healthy elderly are being included in this prospective, longitudinal cohort study between 2010 and 2014. The aim is to recruit a well-characterized control group for use in case-control studies within the field of dementia and parkinsonian disorders research. The study also aims to investigate neurodegenerative changes in preclinical stages of dementia disorders prior to the onset of symptoms. The participants were recruited by random sampling from a longitudinal population-based community cohort study in Malmö, Sweden (Malmö Diet and Cancer Study) and from this study epidemiological data, clinical examination, food-frequency questionnaire and blood sampling have been collected since the early 1990’s.

Inclusion criteria

  • Absence of cognitive symptoms as assessed by a physician with special interest in cognitive disorders.
  • Age ≥60 years
  • MMSE score 28-30 at screening visit (27-30 at baseline visit).
  • Do not fulfill the criteria for MCI or any dementia.
  • Speaks and understands Swedish to the extent that an interpreter not was necessary for the patient to fully understand the study information and cognitive tests.

Exclusion criteria

  • Significant unstable systemic illness or organ failure, such as terminal cancer, that makes it difficult to participate in the study.
  • Current significant alcohol or substance misuse.
  • Refusing lumbar puncture.
  • Refusing MRI.
  • Significant neurological or psychiatric illness.



Every 24 months with new clinical, cognitive, neurological, psychiatric,  CSF/blood sampling and MRI for at least 6 years.