BioFINDER Memory Clinic

The BioFINDER-Memory Clinic study (NCT06122415) complements the BioFINDER-Primary Care study. It investigates prospectively whether blood biomarkers can replace CSF and PET measures as well as whether and digital cognitive tests can replace standard paper-and-pen tests.

General aims:

1) To prospectively validate plasma AD biomarkers and digital cogntive tests for diagnosis of patients with cognitive symptoms who are evaluated in a specialist memory clinic. The investigators here intend to study the clinical robustness and accuracy of plasma AD biomarkers in real-world settings by using high-performing plasma assays over 2-3 years, focusing on a specialist memory clinic population.

2) Determine whether blood AD biomarkers improve patient management in specialist memory clinic settings. As often noted by regulatory authorities, it is important to know if novel diagnostic methods improve the actual management of patients in real world settings. Consequently, the investigators study whether the most promising plasma biomarkers for symptomatic AD (including plasma p-tau217) will improve AD diagnosis beyond what is currently done as part of clinical practice.