Neuropsychological Assessment

Patients with subjectively reported cognitive symptoms undergo a thorough neuropsychological assessment with a large test battery that evaluates memory and learning, verbal and visuospatial functions, attention and executive ability as well as premorbid function. The results from this assessment are used in the classification of patients in subjective cognitive decline (SCD) and different MCI subgroups as well as in analyses with other data including the different biomarkers. The neuropsychological assessment is repeated after two and four years.

The patients are assessed by means of a test-battery covering four broad cognitive domains:

Verbal ability is examined through a multiple-choice vocabulary test (SRB:1) and a semantic Verbal Fluency test.

Episodic memory functions are examined with Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) and Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT): free immediate and delayed recall.

Visuospatial construction ability is examined using Block design and the copy trial of RCFT.

Attention and executive functions are tested by means of Trail Making Test and letter Verbal Fluency.